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Derek Read

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The default state for a toolbar button is to always be enabled when associated with a macro that exists. The default state is also not to be “pushed in” (it should be drawn like a regular pushable button).

If your toolbar button is disabled and you are not calling DisableMacro in On_Update_UI for the macro associated with it then the only possibility I can think of is that the macro is unavailable. When a macro is not available but a toolbar button is associated with it then that toolbar button is disabled.

Change your macro so that it has a shortcut key associated with it and run it using the shortcut key, or change the hidden property to “false” and then look for it in the Macros toolbar. If you can't access the macro these ways then I suspect there is something wrong with the MCR file that is stopping the macro from loading. It could be a scripting error (in which case I would recommend debugging) or the file might be corrupted. XMetaL is fairly robust when loading customization files but it is possible to break portions of an MCR file so that some things inside it load and others do not.