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If you can describe your exact requirements I can try to help you get things working. Or alternatively, submit a copy of your customization to XMetaL Support along with a description of what the important behaviours you have modified are (this would likely be the most efficient thing to do).

We distribute our customized .mcr found in Author/Startup to several users; ideally, we are trying to override the basic XMetaL features out of the box to control what the end user can gain access to.  We are in process of upgrading from 5.5 Essential to 8.0 Essential and noticing our .mcr is not behaving as we would like.

1 – the attribute inspector is now accessible to the user and we want to hide it using script/macro in our .mcr, but can't seem to find the exact syntax.  Also, need to do the same with the Element List – hide it and not allow any shortcut keys to gain access.
2 – we also create a Repository toolbar and assign its .Caption with the path of the opened document, but now the toolbar shows a drop-down arrow, but with no text?  The tooltip does show the path however.

//create a command toolbar to show the current documents repository
Application.CommandBars.Add(“Repository”, 2);
var cmdBar = Application.CommandBars.item(“Repository”);

for (i=cmdBar.Controls.count; i>0; i–) {

var newOption = cmdBar.Controls.Add(5);
newOption.Caption = “Repository: “;
newOption.BeginGroup = false;

      if (Application.CommandBars.Item(“Repository”).Visible == true)
        Application.CommandBars.Item(“Repository”).Controls.Item(1).Caption = “Repository: ” + Application.ActiveDocument.CustomDocumentProperties(“REPOS”).value;