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Derek Read

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I see what might be the issue. In previous releases both the F6 and Shift+F6 keys essentially did the same thing: open the Attribute Inspector and put focus into it. Because the UI has been altered to allow the Attribute Inspector (and other windows) to have additional behaviours the control is now more fine-grained in 8.0 and these shortcuts do slightly different things. The Attribute Inspector has additional states now, some of which combine:

1. Visible / hidden (same as previous releases).
2. Pinned / unpinned (this is new and allows the window to be hidden but slide out).
3. Docked / undocked (same as previous releases but including more possibilities for positioning when docked).

Items 1 and 2 affect each other and result in a combination of 4 states (hidden + pinned, hidden + unpinned, visible + pinned, visible + unpinned — the first two look the same because you don't see the Attribute Inspector).

F6 and Shift+F6 do slightly different things depending on the current state.
F6 opens the Attribute Inspector or slides it out, unless it is already open, in which case it puts focus into it (so pressing twice will open and put focus into it).
Shift+F6 does both (open + set focus).

As with previous releases overriding F6 or Shift+F6 doesn't hide the Attribute Inspector, it merely overrides those actions associated with it. The user can still use menu and toolbar buttons to open the Attribute Inspector.

The new user interface in 8.0 that provides the ability to position windows such as the Attribute Inspector in new ways defaults to having the Attribute Inspector and Element List unpinned on the right side of the application. So, but default they are visible but unpinned. This means that hovering over their “tab” will slide them out.