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Derek Read

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I don't think your message belongs in this thread, but anyway…

Open one of the DITA samples from the Help > Samples menu and try to generate output from that.

If that works then there is something in your DITA files that is triggering the issue. Try to troubleshoot this by opening the output log file and looking for errors in there that you can fix (File > View Output Log). Alternatively, submit your DITA files to XMetaL Support so they can try to figure out what the DITA Open Toolkit doesn't like about them. This assumes you have not altered the DITA Open Toolkit. XMetaL Support does not help clients debug changes they have made to the DITA OT, so testing will be done using an unmodified installation.

If that doesn't work then something in the DITA Open Toolkit has been altered to the point where it is broken. If you have made changes on purpose you will need to have the person that made these changes correct them (this will be in the XSLT that generates the XSL-FO). The output log file should also help here as it will list some errors with XSLT files so that you can at least figure out where to begin looking.