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Derek Read

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Files with .rld extension are merely binary representations of a W3C Schema (essentially a pre-compiled version of your XSD files). They don't get moved around. The only way I can reproduce your issue is with a .xac file (which contains your schema, or the compiled version, together with anything else that makes up the customization like .css, .ctm, .mcr, etc). The issue with the .xac is that it is essentially a .zip file that needs to be unzipped before XMetaL can use the contents. XMetal unzips this file to the temp location you noted previously before loading the contents.

Do you have an integration with a content management system? Some CMS that integrate with XMetaL Author Enterprise store XMetaL customizations in the CMS storage system and serve them up to XMetaL on the fly when a document is checked out. The location will vary depending on the CMS and how it is configured.

Check the XML source (Plain Text view will let you do that) and let me know what the SYSTEM or PUBLIC id value is. From there we can locate everything (though if a PUBLIC id is used we will need to look at your catalog files as well).

Switching from using .xac to the non-.xac version of a customization would likely best be done by the person that created the customization in case there is a specific reason they chose to use the .xac deployment method.