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Derek Read

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There is no configuration or control over this through a setting or script or whatever. The only control you have is what you are already doing (which is to show/hide toolbars or move them around). This is handled automatically on a per-schema basis. If no documents are open then you are manipulating the “default” layout (which is restored when no documents are open). If a document is open then the layout is stored specific to the schema loaded for that document.

The .tbr file defines menus and menu items and toolbars and toolbar items (their text and the action associated with them). There is no positioning information stored inside the .tbr files (it is all in the registry).

You can have a look in the registry inside this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSoftQuadXMetaL 8.0WorkspaceDTDs

Each subkey inside there is associated with a specific schema (including information about where it is located) and the settings inside the key correspond to the layout, visibility, etc.

At this point I'm still assuming that there is some sort of permissions issue with writing to those keys in the registry. You can check that by right clicking on a key and selecting “Permissions…”