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Derek Read

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For XMetaL all of these relative paths must resolve directly to the file being referenced (catalog files and PUBLIC id values cannot be used for DITA). The reason for that is because a few of the features in XMetaL Author Enterprise's DITA authoring still use 3rd party XML parsers (MSXML, Xerces, Saxon) that don't support the same PUBLIC IDs and catalogs that XMetaL itself does. These parsers are used as part of some of the DITA authoring features such as link checking and are used primarily because they are able to run in a different process.

Typically, your specialized DTDs would be placed near the standard DITA DTDs (often the copy included with the DITA OT) to make such paths easy to create. In order to use the DTDs that we provide (either those in the XMetaL Author Enterprise installation folder or those we include with the DITA OT) you will need to modify the paths you have shown as your folder structure is different.

Please also make sure you follow the instructions regarding setting this up in the Help under “Working with DITA” and “DITA Specializations”.

Ultimately we wish to externalize the parser from XMetaL and use it universally (to replace MSXML, Xerces and Saxon) but that work is not yet complete.