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Derek Read

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It sounds like what you are asking is to change the title of the dialog from “Output Failed” to “Output Interupted” (or similar) and then maybe change the message below the path to something that means “You pressed the stop button so output did not finish.” (maybe we can come up with something better).

I don't think there is a way to more gracefully interrupt the DITA OT (or Java) so I don't think we could do much more than change the text (in case you are hoping for more).

The checkbox for opening the log file defaults to checked when output “fails”. Perhaps what you are saying is that we should have a third option for automatically opening the log and not giving you the option to skip opening it (by unchecking the checkbox)? I guess that would need to be something set elsewhere.

Please elaborate on what you mean by “web browser version of the xml”. Which file(s) are we talking about here?