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Derek Read

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Does it only fail in this case, or does it also fail when you generate output using File > Generate Output for DITA Map?
I would expect the same failure in both cases.

I'm guessing, based on the clues you have provided, that you are doing the following:

1. You have a map open in XML View of Map (Tags On or Normal view).
2. You have set the deliverable type for previewing maps to “Single HTML file” in Tools > Configure Output on the Preview tab.
3. You are switching to Page Preview, the DITA OT seems to run, you see nothing in the Page Preview window and the DITA output log file opens, which is where you are copying that particular error from.

If someone at your organization has modified the DITA OT for you please check with them to see that the changes they have made are not the cause. Testing on a second machine with identical changes using identical DITA input files should cause the same error.

If the installed copy of the DITA OT has not been modified (from the copy we install) you can try redeploying the DITA Open Toolkit to see if that corrects the issue:

1. Launch XMetaL Author Enterprise.
2. Tools > Configure Output.
3. On the Advanced tab find the parameter called “” and increase the value by 1.
4. Click OK.
5. Generate output and when asked if you want to upgrade the DITA OT answer yes. That will redeploy the DITA OT from the installed copy.