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Derek Read

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After you have generated output using a particular deliverable from within XMetaL Author Enterprise everything needed to generate that same output again (not including your DITA topics and maps) will be in the following folder:

%userprofile%Local SettingsTempXMetaLrenditionslog

Running the file in that folder called dita_call.bat will generate output using the same settings as the last time you did so from within XMetaL Author Enterprise. There is no need to have XMetaL Author Enterprise running to do so. XMetaL Author Enterprise essentially sets all of this up, then runs the DITA OT at the command line using that .bat file (which in turn uses the other files in that folder). Anyone familiar with DOS .bat files and the DITA OT should be able to adapt those files for their own DITA OT automation tasks.

Each deliverable type sets things up a different way (seems obvious but might not be) so you will need to generate output for each deliverable you wish to automate via the standard UI from within XMetaL Author Enterprise in order to see the .bat files it generates.

There is a legal limitation when RenderX XEP is used for generating PDF output (or any other type of output that you might use XEP to produce, including PostScript). The license granted to you by RenderX (via JustSystems) for using XEP says that you may only use XEP in the context of XMetaL Author Enterprise. This means that if you wish to automate the generation of output for a deliverable using RenderX XEP then you must leave XMetaL Author Enterprise running (otherwise a separate license should be obtained from RenderX). The deliverables affected by this legality include (names taken from the “Configure Output” dialog):

Book via RenderX
Book via Structured FrameMaker
XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP
XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP and Acrobat Distiller