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Derek Read

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Unfortuantely, the Assets feature was designed to function with files stored in Program Files (in the installation path) before Windows implemented their per-user functionality but the nail in the coffin was increased security with XP SP2 and later versions of Windows. The way it was coded made it virtually impossible to modify to work in that type of environment.

To keep the feature would have required a complete rewrite, so it was deprecated in version 5 and became unsupported in version 6. It is not available by default in versions 7 and 8 (though it could be added back in its broken state for clients still running XP with reduced security using an unsupported API).

A similar feature should be possible to recreate (depending on which functionality you use) using an embedded copy of Internet Explorer or a custom control. The Resource Manager still allows for the embedding of ActiveX controls (including the WebBrowser ActiveX control version of IE) using the API ResourceManager.AddTab().