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Derek Read

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The main file that loads the connector is in the Startup subfolder and is named crcl_documentum_adapter.mcr

This and quite a few other files are added to the XMetaL Author Enterprise installation when you install this connector. If that file is not present or has been modified then that would be the cause.

If you can gather specifics on which software seems to be breaking the installation please submit a support case to XMetaL Support and provide full details that will allow them to reproduce the problem. They will want additional information such as your Documentum Webtop version and Windows version (at minimum). Of course, if 3rd party software is modifying our software we can't fix that, you would need to have the other vendor correct the problem in that case.

Note that the official Documentum connector for XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 has not been released, so what you are currently trying is untested and unsupported. Please let us know if the same issue occurs with a supported version (such as XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 with its Documentum connector). Probably needless to say, but it would be best not to put the current setup you are testing into a production environment.