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Derek Read

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Looks like you are correct. I've now tested your scenario with the DocBook 5 sample that we include (it allows a similar model for CALS tables). It looks like you really can't override the alignment for a CALS entry element using CSS, though you can set alignment for any children using CSS. Basically the same results you are seeing. The attribute value takes precedence, with it defaulting to left aligned even when the align attribute is not set. That left alignment isn't really overriding any CSS text-align you have set, the CSS just doesn't come into play.

We have a fairly long history of clients requesting conflicting features when it comes to CALS vs CSS and so for the most part we have allowed the CALS spec to win and to not support most kinds of CSS styling for CALS tables. Unfortunately, a lot of what is defined in CALS (and HTML in fact) is presentational, which goes against what most of us think XML to be all about. In order to support both camps I think we might need to eventually put in some other setting to allow customizers to define their preference for one over the other.