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Derek Read

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If turning off the “spell check as you type” feature speeds thing up that isn't something we are able to reproduce at the moment. In XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 that feature only checks a screenful at a time (what you currently see on the screen) so should be very fast. The spell check as you type functionality doesn't do anything in Plain Text view, so if turning it off seems to be helping there I can't imagine why. For Tags On or Normal view I suspect there must be something in the configuration, customization files, or the XML content to trigger this.

You could try to confirm that it is / isn't something in your customization that is required to trigger this by loading one of the samples to see if it is still slow. The Journalist sample (Help > Samples) would probably be best to try.

Can you submit a support case to XMetaL Support and provide a sample that demonstrates the issue? If I'm guessing which company you work for correctly then I think you have an XMetaL customization (custom DTD, CSS, CTM, possibly MCR, XFT files, etc). If so, XMetaL Support will need the full customization in addition to a sample XML document(s) to reproduce this.

If an integration with a CMS is present please also let them know details regarding that integration.

The McAfee conflict that was present up to the 6.0 release was worked around with our 6.0 SP1 release (the main reason for that service pack). I think that is a red herring if you are running 8.0.