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Derek Read

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It sounds to me like you are describing the input area of a Japanese IME (either one of the standard / built-in Windows IMEs or a 3rd party add-on). Also, from the description it sounds like it is functioning like most Japanese IMEs do.

XMetaL Author itself does not provide this feature, though we do have code that specifically supports this type of input in the product (tested with the standard Windows-supplied Japanese and Chinese IMEs). If the IME supports it (there is a standard way for Windows software to communicate information) then XMetaL Author can tell Windows where the current cursor (typing) position is and the IME can then position itself nearby (but XMetaL Author doesn't directly control it). Once you have given the IME the information it needs (via keypresses) it decides what to display and when to pass the actual characters on to the software it is being used with (in this case passing the Unicode characters into XMetaL Author).

Perhaps if there is a specific issue with it you could post a screen capture and point out what it is that isn't working as expected (perhaps in comparison with use of the IME with other software). I can then compare that to what I expect to see and let you know if this is normal or not. As this will be affected directly by the particular IME, any settings it has and the Windows version please provide as much information as possible.

It might also be more efficient to do this through XMetaL Support rather than on the forum.