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Derek Read

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XMetaL Developer has a feature that allows you to jump from XMetaL Author to XMetaL Developer to work on both CSS and CTM settings (this has been available since version 4). When XMetaL Developer is installed and running two additional menu items appear at the bottom of XMetaL Author's Edit menu called “Edit CSS Style in XMD” and “Edit CTM Style in XMD”. See attached screen capture. Selecting one of these will take you to the corresponding file in the customization and directly to the setting for the currently selected element (you must have an XML document open of course).

Similarly, if you make a change to the CSS or CTM files using XMetaL Developer those changes show up in XMetaL Author immediately after you save the CSS or CTM file (no need to restart XMetaL Author or call additional APIs).

When you debug a document-level customization in XMetaL Author by starting that debug session from XMetaL Developer, a new blank XML document using that customization is created. The two pieces of software are then linked together providing these two additional features as well as the ability to step through macros and “modify and continue” in some cases.