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Derek Read

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There are several reasons this was altered, but primarily it was to make the UI work better for clients that have specialized DITA where they might have made up any topic type and wish to insert a custom value, for clients that do not wish to have this value set at all, and for clients that use other custom values instead for other reasons. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent of a “locktype” attribute like the “locktitle” available for navtitle, and so our UI is unable to handle both cases at the same time (custom/not set and automatically set).

As the attribute is not a required attribute the XML itself is valid and because not having it does not cause errors with the DITA OT (it may raise a warning but should not raise an error) we changed to not setting it automatically in order meet the previously noted requirements. I'm not sure how serious this is for you; whether you simply wish to have a warning-free DITA OT output log file, or if something in your output process is relying on these values and by itself is unable to process the referenced file to determine the type. If this is causing a real issue in your output it would be great if you could submit an XMetaL Support case so that we can obtain files from you to reproduce the issue and a full description of the implications to better understand why this is a problem.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to configure the 7.0 or 8.0 releases to set these values automatically. You will need to use the additional UI provided in the dialog to do that. That means making two additional clicks (over 6.0) when inserting reference. I'm not sure how schwamkrug's macro would need to be modified but in theory that might be doable.

I've put in a request with development to ask if they can add an option to allow you to configure this to be set automatically. That feature will need to be an “all or nothing” setting, since (as noted above) there is no way to programmatically figure out your intention due to the lack of an additional attribute for the type attribute that will let you “lock” it. If you have specific requirements for this feature please contact XMetaL Support directly so they are aware of them. Might as well try to get the feature to cover all client requirements if at all possible, and at the moment we also aren't sure there is a real need.

Note: DITA 1.2 may complicate this further for some people (I see that you are authoring to 1.1). With DITA 1.2, when keys are used (which quite a few of our clients are doing now) you cannot imply the type attribute until build-time (which for most people means when output is generated) so it probably does not make much sense to set the type attribute at all, unless all related keys are referencing the same type of file.