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Have you had a chance to look at this?

I think I’m going to have to end up writing a tool that goes though all our maps in out CMS and corrects the type, format, and scope attributes on all our maps. There are are over 600 build warning about it right now. We also ran into an issue where a topicref was inheriting the wrong format attribute and therefor none of children links were being rendered and yet there is absolutely no toolkit warning or error about it.  

I was only able to figure it out after digging into the temp build xml files. Xmetal Topic Reference Properties dialog incorrectly shows that the format attribute is set on topicrefs. The actual topicref code in notepad was:

Yet when we were looking at the “Topic Reference Properties” dialog general and preview tab, it shows format=”dita” as being set when it is not. Xmetal correctly set it after I deleted a character and added it back and then pressed ok.