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Sorry forgot to mention,
XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise 7.0
DITA 1.1 Mode

Hum now that I think about it more, maybe it’s the format or scope attribute that I’m thinking of that XMetaL goes and corrects and updates when I open a map.

Hum I did a little analysis and it it looks like 90% of our topicrefs have the type attribute set and10% don’t.  It looks like all the maps that cause build warning about the type attribute not being correct are all recently work on maps.  

This seems to correspond with when we updated to Xmetal 7. Do topicref tags no longer get the type attribute set in 7? Is there any way to set it to always give a type attribute since if there isn’t one it inherits from an ancestor and may likely be incorrect?

The DITA-OT warning:
“ [DOTX019W][WARN]: The type attribute on a topicref element does not match the target topic. The type attribute was set to 'concept', but the topicref points to a more specific 'task' topic. This may cause your links to sort incorrectly in the output. Note that the type attribute is inherited in maps, so the value 'concept' may come from an ancestor topicref. Check and make the type of topicref match with the actual type of topic.”