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Derek Read

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1. I have confirmed that this API is broken in 8.0. We have implemented new MFC code (provided by Microsoft) into the product to provide much of the new user interface and that seems to have broken this feature. I will log a defect for this so that our developers can try to address it in future.

In the meantime the best workaround would be to set the INI variable enable_toolbar_customization = no
With that variable set the “Customize…” option will be disabled (though the context menu remains intact).

2. If you are using the File_Save event then it should be firing when you select the Save item from the context menu that appears when you right click on a document tab (new feature in 8.0) just as it does for all the other ways to save: File > Save, Save button on the Standard toolbar and Ctrl+S. If you are using this event then please provide a copy of your macro to XMetaL Support so they can have a look, but perhaps you are describing something else?

3. I believe we understand what you are describing here. This is a known problem, introduced (again) by the new MFC code. It is annoying and development is looking into what can be done.