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Derek Read

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The CSS files are loaded by the main CSS file for each topic type (located in the XACs subfolder named corresponding to the topic type) in this order:

@import url(....sharedditabase-base.css);
@import url(..ditabaseditabase-base-override.css);
@import url(....sharedditabase-derived.css);
@import url(..ditabaseditabase-derived-override.css);
@import url(topic_ditabase-specialized.css);

You need to do two things:
1) Make sure whatever selector you add is loaded after any that you are trying to override.
2) Make sure your selector is at least as specific.

Most of the selectors we use for DITA use the @class attribute in order to automatically support specialization (specialized elements look like their unspecialized version automatically as their share a portion of their @class value). So you generally need to use the @class attribute when making overrides. I think you need something like this:

/* note[type=(default-value)]:before {*/
[class~="topic/note"][xml|lang="de"]:before {
content: "German Translation for Note Goes Here: ";

Note the specific character that CSS requires you to substitute for a colon. This normally only comes up for XML Schema that use namespaces, but colon is a valid character for DTDs as well and must also be used in this instance.