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+1 on this request and not limited to XMAX. We could use this XMetaL 8 (and 9 assuming it's not there, too). It would be great to have access to the Undo list in general.

Undo captures items like View switches, which for our users is somewhat unintuitive – a View switch is not an edit action. From another angle, we have a mechanism that provides a PI based comment UI that inserts and deletes comments in the content that are invisible in the Tags On view. Unfortunately, if a user inserts a comment and then hits Undo, it rolls back our content edit, but there is no mechanism for tracking this undo 'event' in order to update our UI (unless I'm missing something).

Being able to immediately remove certain types of actions from the Undo buffer would enable us to improve our user's experience.

Paul O'Rear