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Dear Derek and Addam,

Thank you for your effort. I applied your newest patch to XMetaL 8.0. But another error occurs if I swiched from Map Editor to XML View or Exit without any editing after opening the .ditamap. Following is the error dialog:


However I surely applied your newest patch:


As we look at what it will take to actually resolve this issue the quickest solution would be to use UTF-8 encoding.
I suspect you must have created these maps using some other tool as XMetaL uses UTF-8 encoding as its default
(the W3C recommended encoding for XML).

Yes, originally this bookmap was authored by XMetaL by my user. After editing it is stored in their CMS. It seems that UTF-16 is the default encoding that CMS outputs.

Please test the attached bookmap_sample_utf8_with_bom.ditamap, bookmap_sample_utf8_wo_bom.ditamap, bookmap_sample_utf16le_with_bom.ditamap in 20130410-edit-test.zip. In my PC environment above error dialog appers for all of these ditamaps when opened with patched XMetaL 8.0.