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Derek Read

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I think we might need to remove some files if you've moved the install to another drive.
I'm not sure exactly what data might be breaking this but it is most likely one or more paths that might still reference the D drive, so it would be best to just blow all those files away and have XMetaL recreate them.

1. Shut down XMetaL Author Enterprise.
2. Remove this folder:
Depending on your Windows version or IT settings that folder might be here:

It should contain two folders, one called “XMetaL” the other “XMetaL Shared”.
The former is for general settings stored by the application, the latter is where we run the DITA Open Toolkit from.

3. Launch XMetaL and try generating output again. To be sure the issue is not with your own DITA documents you might try generating output from one of the samples, such as Help > Samples > XMetaL Reviewer Help (DITA) — sorry, I'm not sure what that translates to in the Japanese edition.

I'm still a bit curious how you would have the dita4publishers plug-in integrated into the copy of the DITA OT included with XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0. Perhaps that is something unique to the Japanese edition I'm not familiar with. A number of changes were made to the Japanese edition by engineers (in Japan) that I don't work directly with. I'll see if I can figure that out.