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Derek Read

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That setting in Tools > DITA Options is for the authoring functionality only. It allows you to select which version of the DITA DTDs to use and the associated UI we provide for authoring to them. We've added more support as the DTDs change so when you change this value it not only uses that DTD version the UI changes to help authoring to various features of that version, getting more complex with newer versions. This is separate from the DITA OT version.

In XMetaL Author Enterprise 10 the version of the DITA OT defaults to DITA OT 2.0. And in 10 (only) it can be changed to the version we included in XMetaL Author Enterprise 9 (which was DITA OT 1.8). You can do this by commenting out or altering this line in Tools > Configure Output on the Advanced tab:


It seems unlikely that reverting to 1.8 would help though. And you don't care about this, since you are generating output using DITA OT 1.5.2 on your server?

If you do care and can provide some files, I can try to test here I can try to confirm that they do or do not work with the DITA OT 2.0 we install. Sending these by opening a support case through XMetaL Support is best. Please point out the specific markup that is causing issues and what you expect to see in the output too.