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Derek Read

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Can you describe your setup in more detail?

I'm not sure if this is an editing issue (you say “XMetaL is showing”) or output issue. If it is output it sounds like you are running DITA OT 1.5.2 on a server but somehow integrated our WebHelp output into that old version?

However, if you are running 1.5.2 I'm not surprised that it would have issues with inside the topic titles as that version is very old. What happens if you generate output from the XMetaL Author Enterprise UI that integrates with DITA OT version 2.0 that we install? ie: Using File > Generate Output… It should work in that case as that is what I'm seeing.

How you would go about patching your old 1.5.2 would likely be tricky, but I guess you could start by doing a diff on the parts of the DITA OT that either do the merging or the HTML-specific outputs and then try to figure out what you need to back-port to 1.5.2.