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Derek Read

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First thing to check would be to see if it is your files that are triggering the issue. To do that open one of the two DITA samples from Help > Samples and try generating output from there.

If that works then you can assume something in your files is causing the issue. If the log file doesn't contain enough information to locate the issue one approach to figuring out what is wrong is to repeatedly cut your map in 1/2 and generate output until you find the problem (might be in the map or a topic).

If you still can't find the problem you can submit the following to XMetaL Support and have them try to reproduce the issue:

1. Your map and topics it references. If you can simplify that by removing some files that would be best.
2. Your XMetaL Author Enterprise version.
3. Windows version.
4. The “deliverable type” you select when generating output (there are 5 different deliverable types included that can output a PDF).
5. If the DITA OT has been customized they will need exact details describing how.
6. If you are working with a specialized DITA DTD then they will need that as well.