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Derek Read

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Looks like we did add some functionality into CSSToXSL.dll around the time of the 5.0 release. There are a couple of additional functions it now contains related to duplicating folder tree structures and files. That is usually done before handing them over to the DITA OT for processing, so when generating output using the DITA OT this DLL does in fact get called.

None of the functionality that CSSToXSL.dll was originally designed for is used (ie: generating an XSLT file based on a CSS and a DTD) but this file management stuff is. So, gcrews is correct, CSSToXSL.dll is being called but not for any of its “real” functionality which is what I was assuming. None of this is easily discoverable so I had to go to dev to find this out.

A standard Windows System API “SHFileOperation” is suspected as a possible reason for the failure you are seeing. There are claims that this Windows API might function badly on newer versions of Windows (Vista / 7), and perhaps in particular on 64-bit systems. If that is true then it is possible that Microsoft could correct the problem at some point. It could very well be that we need to alter our code however, but in that case we need to be able to reproduce the issue here.

We don't know specifically if it is this Windows API that is causing the issues for you because we can't reproduce the problem in-house yet. If you want to help track this down XMetaL Support may be able to provide you with a debug build that you could run to provide information back to XMetaL development.