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Derek Read

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Seems like FireFox bug to me. Perhaps you have the same version of FireFox that I have?

IE8 doesn't suffer from this bug.

I currently have FireFox 18.0.2 installed and it displays the previous address correctly in the address bar (just like IE) but it doesn't load the page.

The same issue can be demonstrated if I have a long page with several elements in it. Pressing the back button in IE8 jumps back to the last address with a # in it (somewhere else on the page) but my version of FireFox doesn't.

That doesn't mean there isn't a workaround for FireFox. I suspect that since this is easy to reproduce (for me anyway) there might be something out there. Unfortunately, a search for “firefox back button not working” pulls up almost 3 million hits so it could be a slog to find something (I obviously need a better set of search terms).