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Derek Read

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The light bulb in the Map Editor (the Map Editor is a tab inside the Resource Manager) indicates the the map is referencing a DITA concept. It does not mean the document is invalid.

In the Map Editor the following icons may be displayed:

generic topic = document icon (piece of paper with folded corner)
concept topic = document icon with yellow light bulb
task topic = document icon with the numbers 1.2.3.
reference topic = document icon with blue table
map = tree control (or “node with subnodes”) icon
bookmap = closed purple book icon
relationship table = blue table icon
table of contents = purple gears (don't ask me why)
key definition = ripped page icon (I guess this is somehow suggesting that some info is coming from elsewhere)

To see most of those icons open the two sample DITA maps from Help > Samples.

If you have XMetaL integrated with a CMS system that implements more icons specific to the CMS then you may see additional icons.