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I tried your code, it did the same thing.

1. Placed code in macro file named zzz.mcr in startup

2. Started xmetal.

When no documents are open, the toolbar is visable and both of the items in the right-click menu are enabled. When I open a file they are both disabled. It seems to work properly after 2 restarts of Xmetal. It also works if you use the Ctrl key while xmetal is loading but then the new toolbar is floating by default.

Do you know if the following note in the programmer's Guide is referring to the On_Application_Open or On_Default_CommandBars_Complete macro that your not supposed to create new tool-bars?
The  pronoun “this” may be referring to the subject of that topic or the previous paragraph.

“Note: Do not use CommandBarControl.Delete or CommandBar.Delete in this event macro. Also, do not create a new toolbar in this event macro.”

The delete topic has a note about not using .delete() in On_Default_CommandBars_Complete, so I would assume that note is referring to that macro, but if you are not supposed to create a toolbar in that macro where do you create it?