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Derek Read

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1) By this I assume you mean that you cannot click and drag on an element to move it (drag and drop). This is a known issue. The current workaround is to copy and paste or cut and paste.

2) It does appear that XMAX is responding slowly in IE9, in some cases very slowly. This is also a known issue.

3) The first part of your description here is normal behaviour when you click on the opening or closing tag for an element, all child content is selected. I assume the problem you mean is that the selection does not go away if you wait and then click a second time inside the same element. If you click outside the element the select will go away but then you usually need to use arrow keys to move back in, because double clicking inside the element causes both clicks to be passed though, and XMAX behavior in that case is to select an element or a whole word. We're not sure why IE is “eating” the single clicks.

These issues are logged in our tracking system, so our developers are aware of them. At this point we don't know if we can do anything about them though.

Issues #1 and #3 sound very much like changes to the way Microsoft manages mouse interactions and how and when IE is deciding to pass them through. The hosting application, in this case IE, typically gets first crack at any mouse or keyboard interactions and can decide what to do with them, even deciding not to pass them along at all. It is possible that we might be able to work around one or more of these by altering XMAX but it is also [u]very[/u] possible that Microsoft will need to make some changes here.

If you have not done so already, it would be good if you could discuss this with Microsoft support. They are similar to most companies. If they do not hear any complaints about their software they tend to assume things are working fine, and if they hear from many people about a particular problem then those issues tend to rise to the top of the list.