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Derek Read

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Short answer:
Any image editing tool that can save to BMP format will let you do this.

The BMP files are standard Windows BMP files, except that they must be exactly the size of the ones we install and contain 10 icons each (at most) that are exactly 18 pixels wide x 16 pixels high. The grey used in the images we ship is treated as transparent by XMetaL Author, so match it if you want anything to be transparent. You can use this file as a template: C:Program FilesXMetaL 7.0AuthorIconsblankrow.bmp

If you add a new folder you will need to modify the icons.ini file so that XMetaL Author will load the BMP files you have created. Maximum number of BMP files in a folder is 8. I can't recall exactly what the absolute maximum is in total, but there is a limit so you can really only add a couple of folders.

Icons are loaded at XMetaL Author startup so you need to restart after making any changes. Note that there is no way to distribute these as part of a document-level customization, the application's installation needs to be modified.

To assign an image to a toolbar button with script, use the API property FaceId and the method MakeFaceId() — see the Programmers Guide.