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Derek Read

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Out of the box I believe the pretty printing settings should not be contributing to the sorting issue (XMetaL shouldn't be inserting extra white-space into index-term elements). In order for the particular CTM settings we have set for pretty printing to come into play (adding a newline before the closing tag) I believe the CSS for elements needs to be altered so that these elements are being rendered using “display:block” (1 indexterm element per line). However, the CSS settings we ship have this set to display:inline.

So, most people should not be affected by prettying printing unless they have modified the CSS files. That doesn't mean you still cannot introduce a space yourself so you still need to watch out for that.

However, if you suspect white-space is being introduced and you didn't put it there the easiest thing to do is to turn off pretty printing.

I think I have a handle on the CTM settings we should have (even with these CSS changes) so I'll investigate that to see if we can do something for the future so that you can have pretty printing on, change CSS to display:block for and still not have white-space introduced into the content of indexterm elements.