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Derek Read

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As a CMS system is involved, and the issue only occurs when you are interacting with the CMS, I think we can safely assume it is the CMS or the CMS integration introducing the problem.

The maker of the CMS integration will be able to tell you exactly how their integration with XMetaL Author Enterprise is installed and configured, and how it should function. Your best bet would be to contact Siemens technical support for help with this issue.

The two most likely problems that would cause this:

1. The path to the image is not specified correctly.
2. The image is not being placed in the correct location by the CMS system. For CMS systems that store images in the CMS the CMS integration generally needs to place a copy of the image on your local machine when the XML file “checked out” (copied from the CMS to your local machine). In some cases the path to the image also needs to be adjusted by the CMS integration (most CMS systems have created their own image referencing mechanism that might simply be an id that only the CMS itself would understand, or that might include more information but that does not equate 1:1 to a standard file path). These things are generally done automatically by the CMS integration so that all you ever need to deal with is a standard “browse for image” dialog.