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Derek Read

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So (after our phone call and discussion with our dev team) just to be clear:

1) You are running XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0.1
2) Your goal is to modify DITA documents that are already open (all APIs should work, but this is your goal).
3) You can read values using some (possibly all) APIs except DOM-related APIs return null.
4) You have tried other document types and they give the same results (so this is not specific to interference from the DITA customization, which makes sense as it should not interfere).

From what I can tell, the last time we updated the JAT was probably when we released our 5.0 version. So it is most likely that the issue you are seeing is a limitation in the JAT not having been recompiled and that changes made to the COM portion of the product have affected the JAT.

I'll have our developers check on this but I think basically what this means is that the JAT would need to be recompiled. We don't actually change APIs, but the way things are compiled for COM might break the JAT. This type of thing could easily get past our QA team as I don't believe they test with anything more than the JAT demo included with XMetaL Developer. It just includes a few calls for moving the selection around, checking which elements are allowed at a given position and inserting elements using Selection.InsertElement() (not DOM).

Range/Selection APIs seem to be working fine so I would suggest just avoiding the DOM APIs and use other APIs for inserting elements/attributes until such time as we can release a new compile (which possibly won't come until our 8.0 release).