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Hi Derek,
I was creating simple dtd version to submit with the support and observed something. I created mod and dtd (similar to our content model but less complex) without using XMetal developer and when I opened sample xml file in XMetal it somehow created new folder with supporting documents for this dtd under AuthorDITAXACs folder. Now the Reuse appears. Not sure how it happened. If I use the dtd in XMetal developer with customizations then nothing is created under XACs folder (which is I guess expected) but somehow the Reuse menu does not appear. I also think the document is actually being recognized as DITA document its just that Reuse is not shown.

How does the XMetal know to create the custom folder with supporting file under the XACs folder? My final goal is to integrate this dtd with Documentum CMS system. I am taking baby steps to make sure things are looking fine before integration. Please let me know if you still like me to open support ticket.