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Derek Read

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The answer to this question will vary depending on the DTD / Schema being used for authoring. Does it support the markup you need? i.e.: One or more types of lists that are essentially interchangeable? And has XMetaL been configured to provide a way to switch between the two (or more) using the two buttons for this on the Formatting toolbar or via some other means (a menu, dialog or other custom UI feature)?

If you are working with DITA then the answer is that you can switch between the two standard types of lists in DITA (


      ) by simply placing your insertion point somewhere inside a list and selecting the other list type. However, there are other types of lists in DITA and these cannot be swapped because the DTD does not allow it (for example: inside a DITA “Task”, since that is the only type of “list” allowed in that DTD and there is no other type of “list” to change to).

      If you are working with another DTD or Schema (not DITA) then you will need to check with the makers of the customization to see if they have enabled support for switching between your different list types and if not ask them to set this up for you.