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barbwire: Your issue could easily be an issue with a customization. It would be best to submit a support case through XMetaL Support and describe your setup in detail (Windows version, exact XMetaL Author release and version, DOCTYPE with customization and sample XML files and any other things you do to configure your system, including CMS integrations, etc). XMetaL Support can then try to reproduce your issue and try to figure out what is going on.

The fact that resetting the workspace suggests to me that it is the files that are being loaded that are causing the issue (so your document-level customization, or the XML files themselves). When the workspace is reset that causes XMetaL to not reopen any files at startup. When you startup normally (assuming the “Reload Files at Startup” options is on, which is the default) then all the files you left open when you last shut down are loaded (along with their customization files).

Well, on friday I had only second hand knowledge about this problem, which was my co-worker problem.

But, I don't believe, that this particular problem is because of customizations. Reasons:

1) My co-worker has XMetal 6.0 and I have XMetal 7.0 on our computers. 7.0 is working correctly with same customizations. And our customizations are currently only customized DTD's in the one folder, that's all.

2) Whole thing started after Windows update. After the update XMetal 6.0 didn't started correctly. Before the Windows update XMetal 6.0 was working like a charm. My co-worker OS is Windows 7.

Unfortunately my co-worker is not here at the office today, so I can not look this problem straight from his computer, but I'm little bit concerned, because our customers are widely using XMetal 6.0 and now it [u]could[/u] be just matter of time, when they call me and ask, that what's wrong. 🙂 Tomorrow my co-worker should be here and I will ask him some additional information and I will contact XMetal support if problem still exists.

edit: Well, I discussed with my co-worker and it seems, that the issue is not valid anymore. I will get back to this, if something else occurs.