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[s]Are you sure about that Derek? If you view the source code of the web help you currently have posted it appears to be all div’s, no iframes:[/s]  (I take that back, it appears that the iframe is generated dynamically when the page is rendered) http://na.justsystems.com/webhelp/en/xmetalauthor/enterprise/7.0/XMEE.html#Welcome%20to%20XMetaL%20Author

I noticed weird print issues with the webhelp when I looked at it a while back as well. I just tested in Firefox and it has the exact same printing issues that rnv is having. If you resize the browser to sometimes you get double scroll bars (ekkk!). While frames seem to be going the way of the wind, and I know many people hate them, non-frame methods seem to have more issues.

Whenever I code with iframe I always resize the iframe to the content size when it loads so you don’t end up with double scrollbars.