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Derek Read

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Periods inside a selector won't do anything in XMetaL so we should start by removing those just to make things clear and not introduce any other issues. The W3C discusses this type of selector in the context of HTML only and XMetaL doesn't recognize them. I'm actually a little surprised that it seems to be ignoring them but still making sense of the rest of the selector. The equivalent to using a period is supported in XMetaL though and that is [attr~="value"] which you are using here.

What I suspect is happening with your PI selector is that the support we added for styling PIs was meant to be used just for that; to style the PI itself. I don't think any testing has been done to include a PI in a selector where the styling affects something else. For this reason it is very possible that what you are trying to do is currently unsupported. Not actually that surprising if you consider that the ability to style PIs is a CSS extension that we invented for XMetaL's rendering engine (at the request of a few clients a few years ago).

I'll need to confirm that though. The developer that does most of the coding for the formatting engine would be the best person to ask. He's on vacation at the moment.