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I just remembered something about columns in PDF. If you have a Reference topic with only two columns, you have to put in a zero colwidth attribute for the column you took out: 20* 0* 80*.

Also, if you want all your Reference topic tables to be the same you can tweek the Reference.xml template: C:Program FilesXMetaL 7.0AuthorTemplateDITA Topic (you'll have to change the security settings for this folder and give yourself write access).

I didn't test this, but I think you add your colwidth attributes to the tag:

   relcolwidth=”20* 20* 60*”>

All your Reference topic tables will have the same colwidth attribute.

For your second question, I assumed you were talking about properties tables, i.e., Reference topics. When working with a regular table, I always have to go into the XML syntax and add the attributes there (by default, there is a colwidth=”*” attribute):

[code]   colwidth=”20*”/>   colnum=”3″ colname=”col3″ colwidth=”60*”/>