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Derek Read

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There's no difference between the trial and licensed version (for all features) except that if you are generating PDF using RenderX XEP RenderX puts their logo on each page and the software will not let you use it after 30 days.

1. This is likely default behavior for the DITA OT for all XHTML-based outputs although I'm not sure exactly what you mean here. Note that our WebHelp is based on the “XHTML” transtype and you should see the same thing for all XHTML outputs (XHTML, CHM, Eclipse, Java, etc) unless they have been further customized. Since this is a “task” can I assume you are talking about ? If so, this should be output as numbered lists in XHTML outputs using the

    HTML tag.

    2. I'm not sure what you are doing (where files are placed, settings, etc) so not sure what is going on here. When you generate output most files will be overwritten, and in some cases files are deleted prior to output being generated by the DITA OT. The DITA OT will overwrite the files commonltr.css and commonrtl.css when it generates output. Are those the files? Or perhaps you have some additional DITA OT parameters set?