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Derek Read

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Su-Laine's tutorial really should have stated which version she created it for. I have not had time to do a diff between the files she modified (or recommended modifying) and the files that shipped with 6.0. That would need to be done and then a diff would need to be done between that and what ships with 7.0. Or maybe load all three into KDiff at the same time and try to understand what's going on.

Nobody is maintaining her tutorial (and Su-Laine no longer works here). Unfortunately, I don't have time at the moment to look at it right now and I'll be hiking into the mountains for a while beginning tomorrow so can't even say I might try to look at it soon). At this point I'm not sure what “fixes” would look like since the tutorial is about making changes to how things are styled.

Perhaps the best thing to do (rather than trying to diff three different versions of files) would be to load the final results into FireFox with FireBug (or a different browser with a similar CSS/HTML/Script inspection tool) and then just find all the elements you don't like the look of and work backwards from there to locate the selector(s) in specific files that are affecting the element?