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I'm still having trouble. I'm able to insert an image if it is already being used in the guide.

However, when I add the logo image (which isn't used in the guide topics) it doesn't get copied over to the WebHelp output, so the image link doesn't work.

So for example, our guide source files include a src directory for the XML topics, and an images directory for all of our images. The footer.xml file is also in src.

I add the logo image (same file format as the other images) to the images directory of our source files.

In the footer file, I add:

When I generate the WebHelp output, the logo.png file is not in the images directory of the output, so the img tag in the footer does not work.

Even if I copy the logo file to the src directory, and just have the link , the image file isn't copied to the WebHelp output src directory.

Is there something else I need to do to get that image file to be copied over?