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Derek Read

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This file is expected to contain XHTML (this is dictated by the DITA Open Toolkit not XMetaL Author Enterprise). I mention this for two reasons: some people may try to include DITA markup in this file, and others might not realize the difference between HTML and XHTML and that XHTML is expected. It needs to be XHTML because the DITA Open Toolkit parses this file with an XML parser that does not handle HTML (SGML).

Here's an example of the content of a file that works for me:

© 2012 XYZ Company

The most common problem you are likely to run into is that you have not properly closed the tag. Essentially, instead of writing XHTML you have written HTML (ie: HTML as SGML not XML).

You can check to see what specific problems your footer file is causing (or any other errors when producing output) by opening the Output log file: File > View Output Log. Search for references to the file name (in your case footer.xml) to see if it is mentioned.