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I would never have been able to discover this checkbox if it were not for this post. In my version of XMetal, the text for the checkbox is not readable.

I'm running XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise 8.0 Service Pack 1. When I go to Tools > DITA Options >Update Content, I see the checkbox labled (sic):
[ ] when refreshing references.Prompt if the document is not asso

That's it, verbatim. The text is cut off and I cannot figure out how to resize the subwindow of the dialog. The text also looks like it was never proofread by anyone who writes grammatical English: unlike every other checkbox in the dialog, it does not start with a capital letter, there is no space between the period and the following sentence, and the initial clause is not a complete sentence so a period and a capital letter are incorrect as well.

Sloppy text like that makes me think I'm using a Beta version, not a Service Pack 1 version. If it's a Beta, I can understand the text not fitting in the window and being sloppily written as well. But it's not a Beta.

IS THERE ANY TRICK for resizing the subwindow of this dialog so that the whole text for the checkbox can be read? I would never have been able to discover the meaning of this checkbox if it were not for this post that gives the whole text.