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Derek Read

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This is not something new (if you are thinking that this feature has been altered for the 7.0 release). The time codes for change tracking have always been adjusted to the current time zone of the person working on the file when a document is opened. This allows the times to show consistently for the current user. This way all changes are presented to you in your own time.

If you examine the time and time zone in the XML after adjustment (after the file has been opened into either Tags On or Normal view) you will see that the hours are adjusted along with the GMT offset. So in your case the GMT is changing from -0600 to +1000 and the hours are then also changed from 03 to 19.

There is no way to alter this behaviour. If you would like to make a feature request along those lines the best way to do that would be through XMetaL Support. They would need a complete description of how you expect the feature to function, and ideally the reasoning for it as well. The main thing I think you need to think about is that if these values are not adjusted what time would you want to display when you hover over a change? Your local time (ie: adjust the time 'on the fly')? The local time for the other user (no adjustment)? Both?

Perhaps you don't use the feature like our other clients do. It sounds like you have some external system set up that might be working on the XML source in some automated fashion, in which case you might not care about the user interface?