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Derek Read

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Please submit a support case with XMetaL Support and include the following:

1) Copy of the log.xml file opened when you select File > View Output Log
2) Windows version (XP, Vista, 7) and major Windows service packs installed (SP1/2/3).
3) Windows language.
4) If it is all outputs that are failing or just PDF.
5) The “deliverable” that you select when you generate output (ie: “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” or one of the other 4 that generate a PDF file).

It is very possible that XMetaL Support will need to have an online meeting with you to have a look at your system to see if there is anything obvious or unique about it.

If you can install the software to a second computer and it fails there as well that would tell them that there is something unique about the way all machines are your organization are configured. Or if it works then you can compare the two machines to see what is different about the first. Note that with XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 you will now need to “unregister” the first installed copy before you can install on a different machine.