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Derek Read

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If you obtained the software on CDROM then yes, then cleanup_tools is a subfolder on the CD.
If you obtained the software as a single file download then when you run that EXE it should prompt you for a location to unpack to. It is inside that location that you will find that folder.

XMetaL Author Enterprise includes “XMetaL Connector” which is a standard set of interfaces that we and our CMS partners use to create integrations between XMetaL and a CMS. This allows our user interface and these configuration settings to be standardized but not necessarily supported by all CMS integrations. They should be left as they are installed by the CMS “connector” (in this case XMetaL Author Enterprise for SharePoint is the “connector”) and only modified as documented.

You probably haven't found the “SP Edition Administrator's Guide” because we've hidden it very well and provided no links to get to it. It's here:
AuthorCRCLadaptersSharePointdocsAdministrator Guide - XMetaL Author Enterprise for SharePoint.pdf The answers to questions about configuration properties should be answered in there. Anything not documented should be left as it is, though if it is not documented it is likely not supported by your CMS or our integration with your CMS.

We don't test connecting to multiple SharePoint servers. If that is a feature you wish us to add it is something we would want to discuss with you directly.